UPIDS® for Microbusiness

UPIDS® for Microbusiness

You might have read about our showcases in different parts of food industry and about how we have implemented complex traceability schemas for products that benefit the most value increase of such data. Or how we have enabled smart labels for various premium products lately. Sounds scary, expensive, time-taking and complicated? It does not have to be. That is why we are now targeting UPIDS® services for microbusinesses as well.


Microbusiness is a broad term and our intent is not to define it here. The basic target we have is to make our enterprise scale and grade services available to businesses of any size. Targeting to users that will mostly onboard, learn and deploy the system by themselves forces us to make sure that UPIDS® services are extremely easy to use, well-documented and affordable. There will be never-ending need for complex integrations to industrial systems, ERPs, PIMs, PDMs and what not but the foundation should be so easy to use that anyone can roll-out the first test batch of the product with smart labels. Then, depending on the business size and production volumes the labeling is still either self-service activity or our partners will step in and help with building systems that can scale up to millions as production volumes.

See it yourself from the following video, it is a bit lengthy but shows how any business can sign-up to UPIDS®, publish their first product profile, make physical labels with ordinary office supplies, launch the labeled products, collect and respond to consumer feedback and eventually turn the product as self-sustaining marketplace.

Ready to start your ride? Head to https://pdm.upids.io/#/sign-up

On the video you can see only very small subset of all the product features, more introductory videos to various other features are in the making so subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow us on other social media channels (find those from the footer of this page)

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