Consumers need more information

Your product package is the key to better product knowledge and safer product use. A QR code or RFID chip on the product allows you to link to a digital duplicate of the product.

Most modern mobile devices can scan the QR code directly from a camera app, so no separate app installation is required. This makes it easy to put all the information your customers need at their fingertips.

A consumer browsing your digital product information has already taken the first step towards engaging with your brand.

UPIDS.IO offers tools such as feedback forms, NPS and panel surveys to make engagement more interactive.

a customer taking a picture of a QR code in a clothing store
a customer taking a picture of a QR code in a grocery store

All necessary information on the package, i.e GS1 Digital Link

UPIDS.IO is a web and application platform for consumers. UPIDS products i.e. for FMCG  are identified on the platform by GTIN-14 of the product. UPIDS  platform creates the QR- code consisting of the given GTIN code and makes brings two great advantages; 

the QR-code is according to the GS1 Digital Link URI and can be used to identity the product

The QR codes also open the digital product information to the consumer’s smartphone from the platform.

Traceability and supply chain management

You can use the UPIDS platform to enable traceability of the products. For many food products, and increasingly for other consumer products, consumers want to know the exact origin of products. By using the UPIDS® PLM for traceability, you can also up-date the product information on batch level.  The up-date via UPIDS® PLM can be very cost saving for ie product recalls.

vacuum-packed fish package in the grocery store
an older man uses a smartphone in a home appliance store

Easy to use

No need for app installation. Scan the UPIDS QRcode and the product information will open in your mobile device’s browser.

Compare products

Feature / UPIDS® productIOPDMPLM
Create new product to maintainX
Generic product information (names, categorization)X
Digital Asset ManagementX
AI assisted translation flowX
AI assisted content creation, validation and managementX
Maintain in-depth product details (nutrients, certificates, claims)X
Serialize sellable unitsXX
Maintain traceability dataXX
Integrate with ecommerce platformsXX
Display rich product information with multilingual user experienceXX
Receive feedback or survey results from consumerXX
Drive consumers to purchase the product from online storesX
Report and analyze the consumer interactions with the productX
Warehouse managementXX
Supply chain management and analyticsXX
Feature / UPIDS® productIOPDMPLM

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