Product Data Management

Manage your data               

UPIDS PDM is a comprehensive product information management-platform to which you can add  digital information ie 3D pics, videos, certificates, recipes. PDM is among other things a content management, a publishing platform and a  Digital Twin.

When the product is created in the PDM  you could also use the product as a digital sales platform.The PDM  includes pre-installed data feeds to the most common e-commerce platforms. PDM is a cloudbased SaaS (Software as a service). 

a customer taking a picture of a QR code in a clothing store

Enrich the content               

AI assisted data quality assurance and enrichment makes it super easy to maintain multilingual, content-rich product information up to date and consumable in multiple areas.

Product information can be enriched in many different ways, such as videos, certificates, recipes or instructions for use.

Direct feedback channel

The consumers can send their feedback to producer easily from the UPIDS IO. The feedback is in a two-way channel so the producer can answer the given feedback.

The feedback is done according to the GDPR standards. When giving the feedback the consumer can also give the NPS score of the product.  

Key Features

  • General product information management
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • AI-assisted translation flows
  • AI-assisted content creation, validation and management
  • Maintenance of in-depth product data (nutrients, certifications, claims, allergens, etc.)
  • Report and analyse consumer behaviour through product scans and feedback
  • Integrates with e-commerce platforms
  • Receive and maintain feedback, survey results and reviews from consumers

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