UPIDS Direct Commerce – Product as a Store

The latest UPIDS feature pack released today introduces one very interesting feature called “Direct commerce”. What it basically enables is direct buying (including payment) from product itself.

UPIDS Direct Commerce Product as a Store

In practice this means that if your product has UPIDS Smart Label on it, ie. QR code leading to UPIDS.IO service, you can now enable direct sales option for selected products (e.g. textile category), specify product price, shipping and tax base and switch the product for (pre)sale mode. That point onwards product profile under UPIDS.IO service is also an ecommerce site. Consumer scanning the product label can now not only find loads of details about the product but purchase it with two-clicks (we are still aiming to one-click experience in future releases).

What this is good for then?

Based on initial study it is perfect option for flash sales of limited stock, products that cause immediate “I want to have that one”, “I need to buy more of this” (while scanning the product at hand) and to enable second hand sales of any product. This last option links to UPIDS single unit traceability, ie. by labeling product with serial numbers (UPIDS ID), the product can take care of it’s own lifecycle. Item owner can decide to turn the product for “available for sale” mode, specify price and other details like described above and once enabled, product has become self-sustaining marketplace. Excellent option for (virtual) flea markets, other second hand sales or even direct selling from consumer to another. And definite plus is the full lifecycle of the product that is coming together automatically as part of this built-in commerce. Circular economy becoming real, don’t you think?

More use cases coming up in near future while we gain experiences of the pilot products. If you think that you have best candidate for piloting these features described above please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or register to UPIDS PDM to try it out!