Web and App Platform

Digital keyhole to product              

The UPIDS identifier on the product package is the Digital Key hole to your product. Identifier can be done with QR code, NFC tag or RFID chip, which  links to the digital twin of your product.

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What is UPIDS.IO?               

UPIDS.IO is a consumer facing web and app platform that has standard set of of product information and features enabled for every product. Additionally it can contain rich content in text, PDF, audio, video and AR/VR formats.


When the consumer enters the digital space of your product information he has already taken the first step to engage with your brand. UPIDS.IO provides tools to make the engagement more interactive by feedback forms, NPS, panel surveys and beyond.

Feedback data is handled with privacy honoring methods, following GDPR regulations and limiting manufacturers access to personal information. This shortcuts the contracts to avoid privacy addendums etc.

How to get started

UPIDS.IO displays the product information and content maintained with UPIDS® PDM product. Most of the groceries or other fast moving consumer goods on the market already have their basic product information in our platform.

All you need to do is to review the product information and media, boost it with additional content if you like and you are ready to download the first QR code to be included on your product package or alternatively you can print those out to labels.

Looking for more?

UPIDS® PLM is about adding lifecycle management to the play. In UPIDS.IO context this very often about the traceability of the product. Most of the lifecycle or supply chain events are integrated directly to UPIDS® API platform but UPIDS.IO is capable to present those events to any depth wanted.

Download app and try now

The app allows you to scan any EAN or UPC code and displays product information, assisted by text-to-speech features and options to contact the manufacturer.

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