Second Thought Ltd is expanding in the Nordics

Swedish Bee Company AB produces the finest premium honey with the brand The Honey of Sweden and utilizes Second Thought’s UPIDS PDM, the new multilingual product data management.

Honey jars
Honey of Sweden

With UPIDS PDM, Swedish Bee Company is able to add digital product info onto their honey jars. Once the UPIDS.IO-branded QR-code is scanned, the consumer can reach a wide range of product information, multilingually.

The Honey of Sweden, pure honey is a fantastic food product. No processing, nothing added, just ready to eat straight from nature. The honey is handled gently with care to keep the different aromas and wholesome qualities.

The bees of the Swedish Bee Company are placed in sparsely populated areas of Sweden with woodlands, meadows, and small farms in a mixed landscape. Every harvest is unique and will have different color and taste. The color and taste depend on the flowers where the bees collect nectar and the soil where the flowers grow. Because of this the taste of honey is the taste of a place. 

The Swedish Bee Company has just begun to enter the product information to the UPIDS PDM and will soon start to add QR-codes to their product packing. 

UPIDS PDM Product Data Management:

Swedish Bee Company, Växjö