Phone screen displaying rich data about the product features which are originating from the QR code that user has scanned from a brown carboard box.


UPIDS® PDM, Product Data Management is a modern tool that aims to make product data management a cornerstone of product lifecycle from design to end of life. Make it your everyday tool to run your product operations.


AI assisted data quality assurance and enrichment makes it super easy to maintain multilingual, content-rich product information up to date and consumable in multiple areas.


Not just system to maintain the product data but to connect and conduct with marketing and sales. Interaction with consumer built-in and pre-configured data flows to most common ecommerce platforms out of the box.


  • Create new product (initiate lifecycle)
  • Generic product information management
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • AI assisted translation flows
  • AI assisted content creation, validation and managementSerialize sellable unit
  • Maintain in-depth product details (nutrients, certificates, claims, allergens etc.)
  • Maintain traceability data
  • Report and analyze consumer activity with product scans and feedback
  • Integrate with ecommerce platforms
  • Receive and maintain feedback, survey results and reviews from consumers

UPIDS® PDM is the center-piece of the UPIDS® data platform. And definitely it is more than just one PDM. The product lifecycle starts from it, all the content associations and management is done on it and also consumer interaction data and feedback flows back to PDM.

AI plays a big role in product data management. UPIDS® PDM has AI assisted data quality control, translation flows and content suggestions/creation. Machines can help on the process but all the automatically created content is review by human eye before made effective.

When it data is about traceability, product material origins or any other lifecycle event of one particular product, batch, lot or associated material stream, turn to UPIDS PLM to learn more about lifecycle management.


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