Superyacht chefs prepare from only the Best available food products

Superyacht chefs prepare from only the Best available food products

Supplying food and other necessities to superyachts is a global billion dollar business. What is more, the quality of the supplies is high and valuable. The food must be of high quality, clean and premium. Finland has some really high end premium food manufacturers. Let’s connect these two groups.

Superyacht Foodie is an endeavor to bring Finnish premium foods to the superyacht marketplace. The venture is lead by Titta Uoti-Väisänen of TUVYC. Mrs. Uoti-Väisänen is an ex superyacht chef and she knows how hard the superyacht chefs are to inspire but still she managed to get a ton of great feedback with Finnish products at the recent MYBA show in Barcelona, The charter yacht show that is attended by the A-list of the yachting industry.

Mrs. Titta Uoti-Väisänen of TUVYC is an ex super yacht chef and she knows the business inside-out.

Titta Uoti-Väisänen was introducing this season sourced Finnish products to provisioners, focused on products of the highest quality, sustainable, ecological and nutritionally beneficial. In order to communicate the story of the product further, all the way to yacht, most of the SuperYacht Foodie products are equipped with Second Thought’s UPIDS IO digital product information. Users can reach the story of the product and a wide range of details of the product. Know what you eat!

SuperYacht Foodie is joined by such Finnish premium grocery producers as Hikiän, METTÄ, Maalahden Limppu, Dammenberg, Biokia, Taiga Chocolate, Kukko, Bakery Rosten, Fazer etc.

Do you export or import? What do you think should be told to consumers who are not familiar with your product? What would you tell with a digital product information?

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Superyacht Foodie products available at YachtNeeds Marketplace.