Every product has a story to tell

Make your products smart and let them tell their story right out of the package.

Smart products? Storytelling?

Innovative Second Thought’s UPIDS® products are here to help.

Add digital keyhole to your product

Add QR code or RFID chip to your product and you open a digital keyhole for consumer to explore. Digital space offers unlimited possibilities to enrich your product’s basic information with media, interactivity, multiple languages etc. Digital services allow also extend the accessibility of the product information.

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Connect with your consumer

Smart product label allows your consumers to connect with you, by sending feedback, NPS, participating surveys, submitting reviews and whatelse. In-product media is also a new addition to your marketing channels pool, allowing to convince the customers pre-purchase and building up relationship post-purchase.

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Turn “bulk” to premium

Boost up the product data with backend services that are utilizing AI to improve and ensure data quality, help you to be more creative with product descriptions, marketing texts and even translations. Traceability up to single unit level allows you to build experiences seen never before in-product context.

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Make your products advocate your brand

Digitally enhanced products have larger canvas to tell the stories that make your products to stand out. Value-add from rich content associated with your product can make it feel more premium and knit a story with consumer that has long-lasting effect. Make your brand stronger by communicating your brand legacy and values.


Make any product smart

Our one-step-at-the-time approach helps you to get started with ease. Easy start ABC is read as A) register as a customer to our UPIDS® PDM, B) enter or review your product data stored in our system and C) you are ready to print out first try-outs as product labels. Beyond trial we can help with our partners to scale up.

Start in 5 minutes

Register and activate, enter basic information in a few easy steps, let AI assistance to help with data quality, translations and content creation and voilà, you are ready to roll with QR code to print out to package or label.

Scale as you go

From a tiny artesan boutique to huge megabusinesses, UPIDS can benefit your products. Start big or small, scale as you go, we’re flexible and ultrascalable. It is not just our systems but our expertise to help you.

Our partners can help

Do you need industrial printers, ERP integrations, professional product photos, help with your marketing texts? Our wide range of professional partners can help with your needs in close co-operation.

Showcase : grain traceability

Truly from farm to fork, Second Thought UPIDS® PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is used for single unit traceability of flour bags from farmer Malmgård Estate. The consumer viewable data includes details from the national FarmPass, the official grain patch document in a digital form to tell the origins of the grain. Digital product information enhances the brand and tells how the product differes from it’s competitors.


Showcase : meat traceability

Traceability of meats is one of the most important sectors of food traceablity. Second Thought uses a digital twin to carry information. UPIDS® PLM is Product Lifecycle Management, a world-class traceability service in terms of accuracy and ease. The Service had its world premiere in June 2021 with pork meat packings from the local Lukkari Farm sold in Kouvola’s K-Supermarket Valtari.


Our company

Second Thought was founded in 2017 to innovate and explore how digitalization could benefit various industry areas and if we could help with making products smarter, bridge that smartness to supply chains and traceability.

Today we are fast-growing international business run by industry-lead professionals. Growth and success is not just about us but also strongly supported by our very strong network of partnerships in various industry areas. 

More about the company

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