Single Unit Traceabilty

UPIDS, Unique Product Identification Service, stores rich data about product lifecycle, end to end.

You know product by brand, product name, how it looks, what it costs etc? A grocery store knows what product they sell inside their systems, identifying products with EAN code or similar identifiers. That is an article number, identifying the product the same way as you identify it by name, brand and how it looks. Now, take a carton of these products. Or a cargo container. Thousands of products, each one looks the same. If you would need to trace each of the items, that would be impossible. Not anymore.

Second Thought's UPIDS is a way of assigning individual, unique identifier to each of the products. At the very beginning on the production line. Material streams using same method and the production line can already trace the ingredients of unique product to each batch that is used for production. Continue tracing the lifecycle as the product moves through logistics to retailer and eventually to consumption. Know what you eat, know what you consume. In atomic level. That is UPIDS.

See it in action



Example codes

Try out the service, these examples are similar codes that you can find from products labeled with UPIDS.




Reading QR codes

Using iPhone or iPad? The camera app can read QR codes directly, just open it up like you would for taking a photo and point the camera to QR code. App suggests you to open up 2nd.gdn web page, we dare you to test it out.

Android? Open up the camera app and point it to QR code, hold "Home" button and QR code should open up as a clickable link. For this to work you need Google App. Many Android devices have it pre-installed but if yours don't, you can find it from Google Play.



Case study 2020: Read the case study about UPIDS 


Yes. We rely on blockchain among other technologies, blockchain is not good for everything and hence we use blockchain to record how the data related to unique product changes over time and remains trusted and untampered but more demanding data operations are served with other more suitable technologies.

Single unit traceability on bakery products


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