Dear diary

Dear diary

Dear Diary,

It’s been too long since I last wrote to you. It’s because too much has been going on lately. 

We have now secured a second post seed funding round. 

We’re in the core of AFDSF Agri Food Data Space Finland, “Digitizing and platformizing the entire value chain from agricultural inputs to final consumption” with 48 organizations such as Cinia, 4 ministries of Finland, universities, grocery retail giants, grocery manufacturing giants, farmers, agricultural machine makers, GS1 Finland and all. Very interesting. 

In parallel, we’re running two separate fish tracing pilot projects but only one pork tracing pilot. 

There’s also a highly secret Product Data Refinery (PDR) project called “Project AkkadAI” with AI and all that jazz! 

Not to mention the recently launched digital self-monitoring system for grocery service counters and the takeaway ordering app Menumatic with a super happy customer in Lapland!   

We have also recruited a new employee who will start at the end of February!