Privacy policy

Maintained by

Second Thought Ltd, 2876334-1
Rautatienkatu 20, 15510 Lahti, Finland

Second Thought Ltd collects personal information to be able to manage customer relationships. Personal information is handled based on legitimate interest and legal responsibilities. 

Second Thought Ltd collects personal information also for marketing and customer panel research purposes. This type of personal information is collected based on consent given by the customer. Personal information may be used for profiling and automated decision making with specific permission given by the subject.

Personal information is handled by

– our company and employees working for it
– payment processors when they receive payment for our services or products from you
– logistics company when they deliver the product you have purchased from us
– accountant when they handle the financial material about purchases and payments
– financial auditor when they review the financial records

Personal information is stored based on contracts and legal obligations

– order related, five years
– email communication, seven years
– accounting material seven years

You have following rights to your personal information in our register

– right to check what information we have about you
– right to rectify your personal information
– right to limit the use of your personal information (e.g. right to deny marketing)
– right to oppose the handling
– right to cancel your consent (e.g. cancel marketing consenting)
– right to file a complaint with privacy officials

You have “right to be forgotten” only in matters where we don’t have legal obligations to continue handling your personal information as a company.

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