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UX/UI developer

B2B ja B2C applikaatioiden kehittäminen webbiin ja mobiilin on lempilajisi? Tunnet että sinulla olisi valmiuksia olla kehittämässä seuraavan sukupolven tuotedatahallinnan kokemuksia yhdessä viimeisimpien AI teknologioiden kanssa. Lentosi on lähdössä, tilaa lisätietoja ja varaa paikkasi lähettämällä CV tai muuta taustamateriaalia emailitse osoitteeseen

Lead/Senior Developer

Ossoot engelskaa? Bald? Thick beard? We are looking for a fearless senior developer with guts to sit on the lead developer's throne when the moment is right. Full-stack is your soup, tweaking css/javascript framework at frontend won't make you cry (at least not immediately) and previous experience with Google Cloud can help with backend. We value good attitude towards learning new things so we won't list all possible technologies here.

We offer the adventures of a startup, exploration of new unknowns and top-notch technologies to build with, along with competitive compensation scheme, best colleagues and flexible working hours, location and ways of working.

Interested? Beard optional for ladies. Send us open form email with basic details and CV if you like, once there's a match we'll contact you for intro interview, conduct in-depth technical interview and spin you to prove your skills.

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Technical Project Manager / Project Lead

Puhut ja kuuntelet sujuvasti Amerikkaa? Any army would hire you in a blink of an eye because of your charm, organizing and people skills, precision, stress-resistance and general mastery but you prefer working with a startup? Look no further, we have complex projects for you to shine. You organize your daily routine with Excel, check status of breakfast, commuting and other daily activities with color coding, plan work six months in advance and adjust the plans on the go without hesitation. Your nerves are on level of a Zen monk and you understand and manage the full spectrum of human nature like it is an instinct.

We tolerate minor weaknesses so if you match even remotely with profile above, the adventures of startup universe are open to explore. We offer competitive compensation scheme, best colleagues to work with and flexibility even you should not need that.

Tingling internally? Send us some basic details and CV + some of the best project canvases that you love and if we can tune to same frequency we'll contact you for intro interview.

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