Launch: Next generation service counter scale with digital identity

Second Thought and SoloTop have launched (Nov.2019) a service counter scale "Next" that prints a QR-code for enhanced product data such as ingredients, allergens, lactose, gluten etc. It also has a feedback form. Selling date and the use-by date are clearly marked in written, as before.

The info of the QR code may be reached with any smartphone or tablet by using the camera of the phone. iPhone and iPad cameras read and recognise the QR-code once you point the camera at the code, then they show you the web-address to the unique product info. Androids may need to have a separate QR-code app downloaded from Google Play.

The Next scale is a stand alone part of a larger UPIDS-system by Finnish company Second Thought. UPIDS stands for Unique Product IDentity Service, a patented single unit traceability system that can trace a food item from farm to fork.

The Next scale by SoloTop solves the problem of service counter packing. Most other food items arrive in the store in pre-packed units that can be individualised by UPIDS at the factory but service counter food is packed at the store. The Next-scale with UPIDS application can individualise and include the service counter food to the system as well.

Let alone give much more detailed data of the product for the consumers to take home!

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