Visiting Slush 2018 Startup event

Our team visited the annual Slush Startup event in Helsinki Finland and had some very interesting talks with startup, industry, coding and university people. Great people, great event, we recommend!

Vacancy open: Pioneer of the food industry digitalization

We have recently had very interesting talks with several major food and beverage brands. It's exciting to see which brand will be the World pioneer and get's a head start with our soon patented digital identity system!

Appointment at Habitare 2018

Second Thought had an uplifting appointment regarding the Design Venture with LADEC (Lahti Region Development) at Habitare Fair in Helsinki, the largest furniture, design and interior decoration event in Finland.

UniFrigus pilot setup working perfectly

We're happy that we have developed a working pilot installation of UniFrigus-system in the midst of the holiday season. But that's what startups are all about, I guess. Commercial installations will start shortly for the first anxious customers in our Fan Club.