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UPIDS® for Microbusiness

You might have read about our showcases in different parts of food industry and about how we have implemented complex traceability schemas for products that benefit the most value increase of such data. Or how we have enabled smart labels for various premium products lately. Sounds scary, expensive, time-taking and complicated? It does not have…
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UPIDS Direct Commerce – Product as a Store

The latest UPIDS feature pack released today introduces one very interesting feature called “Direct commerce”. What it basically enables is direct buying (including payment) from product itself. In practice this means that if your product has UPIDS Smart Label on it, ie. QR code leading to UPIDS.IO service, you can now enable direct sales option…
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…UPIDS IO app is also live with Google Play

Following the announcement yesterday the UPIDS IO app is now available also in Google Play. Might be a bit repetition but here is shortly what the application can do for you. Scan any EAN, UPC or specially UPIDS.IO labelled QR code and you will find about the product details, ingredients, allergens and nutritional data (if…
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UPIDS IO app now available in Apple App Store

UPIDS IO application is now available in Apple App Store, you can find it here. So, what it is good for? UPIDS IO app can be used to scan any product with EAN, UPC or specially labelled UPIDS QR code. Scan will result rich set of information about the product, in-depth nutritional data (if available),…
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Finnish technology startup Second Thought Ltd is now a member of the international Digital Twin Consortium®

As defined by the Digital Twin Consortium, a digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and / or processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity. Digital Twin Consortium® is The Authority in Digital Twin, a global ecosystem comprising industry, government and academia. Digital twin in product traceability Second Thought’s UPIDS system is…
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UPIDS® is now a registered trademark

Second Thought’s UPIDS® which stands for Unique Product Identity Service is now a European wide  registered trademark. The registration was finalized last week.  UPIDS is the core of Second Thought portfolio of products. Main products also include the UPIDS part in the beginning of the name. UPIDS PDM is the Product Data Management, UPIDS IO is…
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Matti Kamppinen joins Second Thought

Matti Kamppinen has joined Second Thought Oy on March 1st, 2021, as a B2B-sales manager, member of the Executive Team and a partner.  Mr. Kamppinen has 20 year experience at B2B sales and grocery and HoReCa industries at equipment and service sales.  In Second Thought Kamppinen is responsible especially for Unique Product Identity Service (UPIDS)…
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Dear diary

Dear Diary, It’s been too long since I last wrote to you. It’s because too much has been going on lately.  We have now secured a second post seed funding round.  We’re in the core of AFDSF Agri Food Data Space Finland, “Digitizing and platformizing the entire value chain from agricultural inputs to final consumption”…
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Since the novel coronavirus suddenly made governments to close restaurants and bars, a lot of restaurants, cafeterias and buffets had to come up with a new way of continuing business. Most of them turned into takeaway-restaurants.  Takeaway ordering systems are complicated and expensive so most restaurants started to take orders by phone. This ties up…
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Case study of UPIDS released

In single unit traceability, the first and most important step is to create and connect a unique product identity. We did a case study about UPIDS – Unique Product IDentifier Service to explain the unlimited possibilities of UPIDS as shortly as possible. Did we manage? << link here >>