About us

“How hard it can be it to automate the management of expiring products in a grocery store?”

Jani, pre-Second Thought CEO era

Well, a bit harder than we thought but what a journey it has been so far.

Second Thought was founded in 2017 to innovate and explore how digitalization could benefit various industry areas and if we could help with making products smarter and to bridge that smartness to supply chains and traceability.

Today we are a fast-growing international business run by industry-leading professionals. Growth and success is not just about us but also strongly supported by our very strong network of partnerships in various industry areas.

Some of the partners, networks, working groups etc. that are with us turning the innovations to real-life business projects and operations:

Partners help us to build end to end value chains, be it about collecting data along the supply chain, production line, product marketing content including media production, carbon footprint calculation or product labeling. Just to list few examples. Read more about the showcases how we have worked together.